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Living in a pergola-friendly climate is a great reason to celebrate, but the beauty of pergolas goes beyond location. It’s a luxurious extension of your home that can add value and extend living space. Our various Seattle pergola is available in many styles, from elegant lattice to areas for lounging or dining. Our materials used in building pergolas are made from all-natural materials that will look spectacular and last for years without needing much care.

Pergolas may often be confused with gazebos because they seem similar, yet pergolas tend to have better ventilation and resist rot due to rain runoff. A pergola supports climbing plants once it has been built, while a pavilion does not. With us, we’ll make sure you can decorate your pergolas the way how you wanted them to be.

The pergolas we build for our valued homeowners and commercial establishment are designed to match their tastes and needs in mind. Whether you want a new pergola built from scratch or you’re interested in creating an existing pergola on your patio. Our pergola pros can help you choose the pergola style that’s right for your home and then suggest placement locations to ensure it enhances the overall space. 


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A sturdy pergola can also be used as an outdoor dining pergola, supporting the weight of leaves over your summer feasts.

Check out our pergolas gallery that showcases pergolas built for homeowners throughout Seattle. You’ll see pergolas with wooden support beams paired with aluminum spindles creating a natural look to complement modern-style homes. Or you might come across bowers with steel support beams integrated into stone columns, adding a classic design touch to luxury homes. No matter what kind of pergola you have in mind, our expert pergola team is here to help!

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The pergolas we offer meet all of the requirements of Seatle state by-laws and are durable and beneficial to your property and the environment. Our works are an excellent option for all Seattle homeowners. 

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If you’re considering installing pergolas in Seattle, give us a call today or visit us to see more examples of our pergola work!

We offer pergolas both built-in and freestanding options that can be custom designed to meet any homeowner’s needs. The Pergolas we built provide a natural shade, perfect for protecting yourself from harsh sunlight during the summer months, reducing your energy usage, and preventing overheating at outdoor events.

We help create a more cozy outdoor space where you can spend time with friends and family while enjoying nature’s beauty. A pergola is a perfect way to make your yard stand out from others because pergolas are becoming very popular among homeowners nowadays who want an elegant yet inviting outdoor living area. Pergolas are also great for small business owners who wish to expand their clientele by attracting people into their store or restaurant with pergola installation in Seattle.

Our pergola Seattle builders specialize in making pergolas for both commercial and residential use. You can trust us to design a pergola that fits your preferred style and budget. We use only premium pergola materials, making our pergolas very durable and attractive for years to come.

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Pergolas we build are made with quality wood, stone, or aluminum materials and are proven durable for any Seattle climate. Let us help you design pergolas that fit the need of your home and garden. They can be either freestanding or built-in pergola, depending on what you need. Pergolas are the best way to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort. Our highly skilled team can help you with pergola installation and pergola repair. Let us create pergolas for you if you are looking to make your outdoor space more inviting. 

Seattle pergolas can give your home the privacy and protection it needs. Pergolas are always at their best when providing shade during hot summers, making them ideal for any backyard living space. This is why pergola builders in Seattle are in such high demand these days. With pergolas, you can enjoy your deck and backyard without worrying about the sun’s scorching heat.

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We understand that you want the best for your garden or outdoor living space, which is why we offer custom pergola constructions in Seattle, so you get precisely what you need. Get in touch with us today to get started on your pergola!

With pergolas comes protection against adverse weather conditions like heavy winds and rain. Our pergolas can also be customized to fit your budget, whether a simple patio solution or an extravagant outdoor design. Whether you’re looking for pergolas or shade sails, we have the best products and quality services to meet your needs.

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Pergolas are great because they allow more sunlight into your property while keeping you shaded from the summer heat during those hot days of the year. A pergola will also add value to your home, which makes it a significant investment. Whether you already have an outdoor patio or want to build one, pergolas are the perfect addition because they can be built on top of patios and decks, making them easily accessible for everyone. Pergolas come in many different styles that allow you to personalize the appearance of your pergola with gas lanterns, pendants lighting, ceiling fans, and more – all available at reasonable prices. With our pergola construction, it will become one of your favorite places to relax with family and friends!

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We understand that you want the best for your garden or outdoor living space, which is why we offer custom pergola constructions in Seattle, so you get precisely what you need. Get in touch with us today to get started on your pergola!

Our pergola construction team has been working hard on getting everything ready for your pergola needs. We deliver our utmost efforts to let you enjoy the summer season! We have become one of the pergola companies trusted by homeowners throughout the Seattle area because of our commitment to quality service and products. We offer pergolas with arbors, pendants lighting, ceiling fans, and more for this new pergola installation, all at affordable prices.

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